The Future of Digital Content in Life Sciences: Minimizing Risk and Improving Quality in Content Operations.

DIA Annual Meeting 2021 – on-demand session

Pharmaceutical companies are facing new challenges in meeting their global content demands. More nuanced content, new regulations, and a lack of understanding of translation workflows make it more difficult than ever to meet requirements. In this scenario, how do you de-risk while improving quality and decreasing cost and delivery time? 

In this session we explore: 

  • What are the challenges being faced? 
  • Insights on how companies in different industries have overcome these challenges. 
  • How structured content workflows and technologies are helping. 
  • How to improve overall digital content operations. 


  • Chip Gettinger, VP Global Solutions Consulting – RWS 
  • Ken Klein, Senior Business Development Manager – RWS 
  • Beatriz Garcia Lopez, Director Regulated Industries Global Solutions - RWS 

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