Kayentis & RWS partnering for successful eCOA study implementation

Kayentis & RWS partnering for successful eCOA study implementation

RWS and Kayentis (global provider of eCOA and DCT solutions) were selected to create and implement the electronic versions of the COAs (eCOAs) on a high priority Global Small Cell Lung Cancer Phase II Study for a pioneer in biotechnology. 

The study required seven patient-facing COAs, translated into 26 languages, to be implemented into Kayentis’ Clin’form solution using ten-inch tablet devices for use in the global study with 100 participating sites. 

The collaborative work on the study involved: 

  • Licensing the COAs 
  • Translation and linguistic validation 
  • eCOA migration and implementation 
  • Paper development required for the PGIC and PGIS for all languages 

Learn more about how the long-standing partnership between Kayentis and RWS enabled a successful study start-up so that the final study materials were completed and delivered earlier than quoted timelines and helped mitigate any potential delays arising from external review requirements and changing priorities.

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