RWS Life Science Client Services Reference Guide

Complementary translation Services for the life sciences industry

Life Science Client Services Reference Guide - RWS

For over 30 years we have been the trusted partner to the globe's most innovative and trusted life sciences organizations, including pharmaceutical companies, medical and in vitro diagnostic device companies, and Contract Research Organizations. RWS Partners with clients at all stages of their processes, from Clinical Trial Application and execution, to medical device research and production, to Regulatory Submissions and Pharmacovigilance - and EVERY step in between. 

As your language and content partner, it's our goal to make your jobs simpler. Your processes smoother. Your go-to-markets time faster. 

Our Client Services Reference Guide covers: 

  • Our people 
  • Our Technology 
  • Our Processes 
  • Why Leaders Trust Us 
  • Our Services Explained 
  • Linguistic Validation 
  • Regulatory Affairs & Submissions 
  • Medical and In Vitro Diagnostic Device Services 
  • Complementary Language Solutions 
  • Getting Started 

Download the Guide to help navigate through all the stages of your processes.

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