Mastering Multilingual COAs: 7 Vital Insights for Clinical Operations Success

At the heart of every clinical trial are patients: the people who participate in the study to help determine the efficacy of a drug, device, or treatment. Understanding how patients’ conditions, symptoms, or treatments affect their physical and emotional abilities and functions is of paramount importance in drawing conclusions about the success of the study.
In this whitepaper we will discuss:
  • The growing interest in patient-centricity
  • How and why to develop an eCOA strategy
  • The benefits of RWS eCOA Ready Text Library
  • Recent updates on ISPOR’s recommendations for eCOA comparibility
  • The critical role of back translation in COAs
  • How and why to assess COAs for readability
  • How and why to conduct COA usability testing
  • How to find the right writer for lay summaries of clinical trial results
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