The case for NMT in life sciences

As companies across industries expand their service offerings and geographic reach, machine translation (MT) has quickly become the “go-to” resource for translating a wide array of material largely due to the ability to help companies effectively communicate with a linguistically and culturally diverse audience, MT also helps companies remain compliant. This is certainly true for life sciences with the increased linguistic requirements associated with regulations established by international regulatory bodies (such as Regulation 2017/745 (EU MDR) and Regulation 2017/746 (IVDR). 

RWS’s 2022 eBook, The Case for NMT in Life Sciences, walks you through the benefits of neural machine translation (NMT) as it pertains to life sciences. We’ll discuss how NMT is closing the gap between expectation and reality, when and where NMT is best suited, how NMT can positively affect the translation process, and the future of NMT as we see it. 

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