RWS Accessibility Services

Content accessibility is about making your content meaningful and functional for as many people as possible.

Your online products, services and digital experiences need to be available to everyone – and in some cases, accessibility standards are enforced by legislation. But accessibility is more than a regulatory requirement: it’s a good business strategy that improves the customer journey for anyone with a disability, bringing your content to diverse audiences.

Our services help you promote inclusivity and improve the user experience for all your customers – in any language and any market.

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Key benefits

Equal access for all.
Ensure content is always accessible.
Promote inclusivity.
Improve customer experience.
Drive company revenue.
Translate content and be globally accessible.

Our services

Compliance assessment

Let our accessibility experts help you determine your current state of compliance with accessibility standards such as Section 508, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

We’ll conduct an assessment of all outward-facing enterprise content so you can see what content is compliant and what content needs remediation. This data will help you build out a successful accessibility strategy.

Accessibility strategy

Work closely with our experts to create a comprehensive strategy to ensure all content, current and future, is compliant. The strategy will make recommendations on insourcing versus outsourcing and on possible enabling technologies, taking into account associated costs and the rate of content creation and updates.

Remediation services

Make your content accessible to your customers with disabilities and users of assistive technologies – whether it’s your website, applications, electronic communications, digital content, videos, online forms, or traditional media. This could mean providing closed captions and sign language interpreting for deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences, or audio description and braille formats for blind and visually impaired audiences. Whatever your needs, we’ll work with you to ensure equal access for all.

Address one-time requirements or short-term regulatory deadlines with our urgent and project-based remediation services.

RWS Accessibility Services

Ensure compliance and improve your customer experience for everyone. 

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Deliver accessible content to global audiences with RWS

As one of the world’s leading language service providers, we can make your content accessible in all your target languages. We’ll remediate translated content and carry out linguistic, usability and accessibility testing to ensure all your language versions are accessible. And if you require any translation, we’ll integrate our localization and remediation services to create streamlined, one-stop-shop process. 

Our linguists are native speakers of your target languages and live in your target markets, enabling them to adapt your content culturally as well as linguistically. Their expertise is combined with market-leading language technology to produce high-quality results as efficiently as possible.

Technology enablers for accessibility

Need a solution to manage your content in line with WCAG requirements? Ask us about Tridion, our component content management system (CCMS) for creating and managing structured content. It gives you the flexibility to publish to multiple formats across multiple channels, making it easy to build accessibility checks into your workflows.
Or, to publish accessible content to traditional media, try XPP, our XML-based publishing engine. XPP provides high-volume publication capabilities with streamlined PDF/UA accessibility enablement.

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