IP Research: People & Resources

RWS has the largest and most talented pool of IP researchers in the world. From our study management team, to our in-house analysts and our Crowd of over 40,000 skilled researchers, RWS offers the unmatched ability to scale with talent, aligning budgets and risk factors with desired outcomes to optimize your investment.
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Our Study Management team

Every study we perform is managed by our team of experienced and skilled research managers who, in addition to years of hands-on research experience, have advanced educational degrees including Ph.D.s, law degrees and experience as US patent examiners. Our study managers understand the technical aspects and legal needs required to construct and execute your research project. Working with you, we continuously tune and refine the project, from start to finish, to ensure the best possible outcome.

In-house analysts

Members of our talented team of over 30 in-house analysts work on every research project, from traditional to crowd-based searches, ensuring quality and consistency in every project we work on.

Our Crowd

RWS has a crowd of over 40,000 researchers from over 170 countries ready to address your needs with the technical and language diversity required to deliver on the toughest research challenges.

Our Study Experts from the Crowd

The best of the best of our researchers from the Crowd earn a “Study Expert” designation and can be made available individually for specific research projects.

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