Fast, efficient patent search services

Drive your business forward with high quality, cost-effective IP research. We will work with you to determine your precise goals, delivering actionable data in a format that helps you make informed decisions efficiently and quickly. 

Innovate, defend or monetize – RWS has solutions to give you complete IP confidence

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Industry-Leading patent search methodologies

Our ISO-certified process can be tailored to suit any budget or desired outcome. We will meticulously oversee every stage of the project, from pre-launch consultation through to delivery. We will continuously refine and adjust the direction of the research based on findings in near real-time, to ensure you receive only the highest quality results. 

Your search results create a growing and searchable asset, enabling you to optimize the spend and quality of your IP portfolio in all respects.

One size does not fit all

Every patent search has its own unique characteristics, and we approach each project with this in mind. Taking into account the scope, risks, budget and purpose of the research, we will devise a tailored workflow that is optimized to achieve the desired result. 

Supported by our market-leading patent search and study management platforms, as well as our in-house team of subject-matter specialists and our global network of researchers, every search is completed to the same high standard. This means that while we approach each project differently, you can expect the same outstanding quality every time.

Our patent search services


A search to identify prior art that is material to the patentability/novelty of an invention.

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Test the validity (strength and scope of a patent claim or claims set) with any one of our diverse search offerings, ranging from patents to non-patent literature and physical evidence.

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A search to identify cases relevant to the manufacture, sale or use of a specific product or process.

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A wide range of research options: providing an overview of patenting and market activity, highlighting filing trends and other key metrics, developing market and innovation intelligence, helping pinpoint opportunities for precise innovations relevant to business strategy and more.

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IP Monitor

Alerts to keep up-to-date in your chosen field by tracking technology developments (by classification and/or keywords) or competitor activity (by applicants and/or inventors) according to a pre-defined alert profile.

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Create lasting assets from your intellectual property portfolio with Evidence of Use, Landscape and Invalidity searches.

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