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RWS prides itself on the depth and breadth of the Researchers who power our business and deliver value to our clients. We are always accepting new talent, reflecting diversity in education/work experience, language and technical or research skills. 

Join a global community of Researchers who enjoy the challenge and reward of using their investigatory and analytical skills.

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Our research community: The Crowd

The RWS Crowd is composed of individuals from all backgrounds and geographic locations, unified by their shared desire to both win money and hunt down something related to their interests and/or experiences. 

IP research covers all technologies and subject matters, including electrical and mechanical engineering, mobile and wireless communications, biomedical/pharma, imaging, robotics and more.

How it works

  • Become a member of the RWS research community. 
  • Compete and get paid for success. 

Experienced Researchers who demonstrate consistent, quality performance in their research can earn the “Study Expert” designation and may qualify for other projects with fixed fee, fixed fee + reward and hourly fee arrangements. 

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Public studies (open to everyone): Public studies typically have one large reward (>$1000) for the winning response and several smaller rewards are given to Researchers who provided non-winning, but still valuable, research. For every study, you can view the “Reward Structure” section of the study page to understand the rewards specific to that study. 

Private studies (invitation only): Private studies typically offer guaranteed rewards within small group competition or fixed-fee payments and are by invitation only. For more information on private studies, click here.

Becoming a Study Expert

The best Researchers can earn the designation of “Study Expert.” This can be achieved by consistently: 

  • Winning studies and providing quality research. 
  • Providing both relevant patent literature and non-patent literature. 

Once classified as a Study Expert, Researchers are eligible for more than just contest-based rewards. They can participate in other studies not available to the general Crowd, as well as hourly-based compensation projects depending on the researcher’s technology expertise.

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