RWS Webinar

5 Ways to Achieve the Highest Quality Patent Translation

When the smallest error in patent translation can result in a patent rejection or invalidation, it is important to be mindful of the key steps to successfully translate a patent and the impact it can have if they are not considered. Join RWS as we present out top five tips to achieve a high-quality patent translation and what to look out for when choosing your translation provider, to ensure they are taking the steps necessary to protect your IP. 

This session will address the common challenges of translating patents, providing you with techniques and preventative measures you can take to eliminate or reduce the risks that come with translating patents. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Methods to ensure the patent translation is precise and accurate to legally protect your invention 
  • Solutions to ensure the translated documents are produced in a timely manner and of high quality 
  • How to overcome patent terminology challenges 
  • The importance of language and cultural differences


Dan Barnes

Dan Barnes

Senior Director, Business Development