Spruson & Ferguson

Established: 1887 | Number of Professional Staff: 150+
Operates in Australia

Provided patent filings

PCT National Phase Entry

RWS PCT agent in Australia

Direct Filing

RWS Direct (Paris Convention) agent in Australia
Established in 1887, Spruson & Ferguson is one of Asia-Pacific’s largest intellectual property (IP) service providers. As a leading Asia-Pacific IP firm, they have offices in Australia, China (Beijing and Hong Kong), Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, and direct filing capabilities in Brunei, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. Spruson & Ferguson has established itself as a regional IP hub, offering the highest standard of service to their clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Spruson & Ferguson companies are members of the IPH Limited group, including a range of professional services firms operating under several brands throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


  • Patents: Spruson & Ferguson provides a range of patent-related services across multiple industries and technologies
  • Trade Mark: Spruson & Ferguson’s trademark team offer a comprehensive range of services to help protect our client’s brands and images
  • Design: Spruson & Ferguson’s designs group assists companies to obtain registered design protection locally and overseas.
  • IP litigation and commercialisation: Spruson & Ferguson Lawyers was the first firm in Australia to specialise exclusively in IP law.


GPO Box 3898, Sydney, NSW 2001, Australia


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