Patent Monetization search tools from RWS IP Research

Get useful data to aid decision making around licensing, patent sales, enforcement, standard essential patent pools and other monetization strategies. 

Using Evidence of Use, Landscape and Invalidity searching, our experts can provide crucial intelligence in support of your monetization programs.

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Licensing opportunity development

Identifying potential licensing opportunities is a key step in monetizing your IP portfolio. With a vast range of specialist expertise, resources and technologies at our disposal, we can help you to: 

  • Generate potential licensing targets for a patent or portfolio of patents. 
  • Identify companies or individuals that are potentially infringing on your patents. 
  • Identify partners or joint venture partners.
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Patent valuation research

Through our expertise, long experience and range of search types, we can provide data insights that inform your assessment of a patent’s value. These include: 

  • Evidence of Use searches: An Evidence of Use search identifies value based on patent pools, standards mapping or application for use in other products. 
  • Landscape searches: A patent landscape analysis can play an important role in benchmarking your portfolio within the wider space and in identifying synergies with competitor portfolios when considering partnerships and merger and acquisition (M&A) activity. 
  • Invalidity searches: Invalidity searches support valuation by determining the strength of the patent before further action is taken.
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Why RWS?

RWS has been providing IP services for more than six decades. Our commitment to excellence is underpinned by our ISO-certified quality standards, as well as our suite of cutting-edge digital platforms to aid service delivery. 

Every study is overseen by our highly skilled Study Managers. They will consult with you to provide a tailored solution to your IP monetization challenges. What’s more, our Crowd-based search options open up access to diverse product literature and innovative patent-to-standards mapping. 

Our researchers will seek out all applicable standards that could apply to the subject patent, while our Crowd members can scour a vast range of sources, including product literature, to find possible applications of the subject patent technology. 

Through innovative studies, we can provide novel licensing and partnership ideas. Our Crowd-based State of the Art / landscape searching can identify a wide variety of players worldwide.

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