Best practices for avoiding patent searching pitfalls

Fill out the form to view this special webinar as we discuss how best to avoid the most common patent searching pitfalls and what you need to consider when starting your patent searches. Hosted by Peter Vanderheyden (COO, RWS IP Research), the webinar covers: 

  • How the specific matters, people, processes and systems all play an integral part in the patent search 
  • How the various strategies and factors differ between litigation, FTO, novelty and evidence of use searches 
  • How technology and resources play critical roles in the efficacy and costs associated with search 
  • Key factors in formulating either your own search or what you should consider when selecting someone to search for you 

Patent searches are a useful and necessary tool at every stage of the IP life cycle whether you are analyzing risk profiles for creating new IP, determining the outlook for entering a new market, selecting the best country to file into, looking for leverage in licensing negotiations, or even seeking to invalidate a patent. This webinar is strongly recommended for anyone who regularly performs patent searches or handles IP matters.

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