Optimize and Leverage your IP Search Results

Are you still using spreadsheets and emails to keep track of your IP search results? There is a better way. Join RWS for a webinar on how to optimize your intellectual property search results and improve the effectiveness of your IP reviewing process. 

Join us with expert speakers Peter Vanderheyden, Vice President, IP Research at RWS IP Services and Eric Baer, Vice President, Product at RWS IP Services, where we will present you with an innovative way to interact with your IP search, combined with solutions to address the common challenges of reviewing and analyzing your IP search results, allowing you to organise, control and quickly assess the data. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Efficiently review your IP search results 
  • Access results lists in a format that will help you to assess and analyze the results effectively 
  • Use tools to improve collaboration with team members 
  • Leverage historical search results effortlessly
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Peter Vanderheyden

Peter Vanderheyden

Vice President 

RWS IP Research

Eric Baer

Eric Baer

Vice President, Product

RWS IP Services