Leaders in language

We never rest

For more than 60 years we've been driven by our love of language to be the best in our field. Our talented translators share our vision to create a world where content is globally understood. As content evolves, so do we - using our global understanding to predict the future of localization – always ready to help our clients deliver more meaningful experiences.

Dive with us into the forces shaping the way people engage and communicate, and uncover the passion and purpose that have made us a unique, world-leading language services and technology company.

Leaders in language

Localization transformation

Our experts share their thoughts on how localization will evolve in 2022 to meet the continually rising expectations of customers for more personal, relevant experiences.
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We love language

Learn what makes some of our talented linguists tick, and why they love what they do so much.
"Language is a door opening to different dimensions."
Mustafa Uluk, Translator from English to Turkish
"As a translator, I feel like a bridge between two people who would otherwise not understand each other."
Paul Lambert, Translator from Swedish, Norwegian and Danish to English
"I love language because I love to communicate with others. The strangest feeling I have encountered in my life is to go to a foreign country and not be able to communicate."
Diogo Lourenço Domingos, Translator from English & German to Portuguese
"I don't think there’s anything in this world that can't be communicated through translation!"
Keerti Khambete, Translator from English to Marathi