Maximize your impact when sourcing translation services

As a procurement professional, you want to ensure that the sourcing projects you pour your heart and soul into end up making a real difference. 

In this five-part video series, based on the insights of Armand Brevig, Managing Director of Procurement Cube, we look at how you can maximize your impact when sourcing translation services and develop smarter procurement strategies.

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Getting stakeholders to appreciate your work

Take a step back and look at the end-to-end content journey and make sure you’re aware of the latest solutions and innovations in translation technology.

Add value throughout the content journey

Make sure you understand the entire content journey and discuss it with your stakeholders to see where value can be added and costs removed.

Why spend visibility is critical

Translation spend is often hidden or inconsistently coded. Get to the bottom of who is using translation services in the organization with our three simple steps.

How do you assess quality?

Stakeholders often mean different things when they say they want quality translations, so quality really needs to be clearly defined by each stakeholder. Once you know what it is stakeholders are looking for in a translation, then you can set criteria to measure performance against.

How do you create ongoing value?

A relationship is a two-way street so make sure performance is measured on both sides – not just against the supplier.

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