Industry Event

ATC Stargazing Conference

September 21 in London, UK
The language services industry is changing. Our services are changing. The way we sell our services needs to change.
Stargazing brings together ATC members, language service companies across the UK and the world, our partners, and stakeholders, to ask the question: What will we be selling as language services in five years’ time?
Stargazing takes place over one day on 21 September 2022, and culminates on the ATC’s Language Industry Awards Gala Dinner, at the fantastic Church House, right by Westminster Abbey.
We are delighted to sponsor and present at this event.  Join Sales Director, Vicenta Ten Soriano for insights into The future of technology for LSPs and come and speak to our experts about how our technology can help you become more productive and better quality.
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Vicenta Ten Soriano

Sales Director, Language Technology