Localizing your learning – research by ATD

How adapting your content can make your training more effective

A global organization needs to deliver global training to develop the skills of its multilingual, multicultural workforce. This research report by ATD examines the benefits of adapting training content for learners around the world.
ATD surveyed 311 training and development professionals to find out how they localize training, how it benefits employees, and what challenges they face. Among other key findings, the researchers learned that:
  • Approximately two-thirds of organizations localized their eLearning content – most commonly by translating the text
  • When organizations localized eLearning content, learners benefitted
  • A lack of time, staff and funding were the top three reasons organizations struggled with localizing content
Download the report to discover benchmarking data on how organizations localize training, along with advice on successfully adjusting your eLearning courses.
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