How to build global audiences with authentic marketing

Create content that truly connects

Getting to know someone and what makes them tick is rarely something that happens overnight. You have to invest time and effort if you want to engage them and make a meaningful connection. Speaking the same language definitely helps, but shared interests, humor, or cultural references, increase the chances of you understanding and getting to truly know them.

Campaigns for global audiences are strikingly similar.

If you want to engage audiences and make real connections with customers wherever they are in the world, you need to invest time and effort if you want to see results. Sadly, many global companies favor what’s easiest over what’s effective in their approach to global campaigns.

It’s not that companies don’t make any effort – it ’s just that it’s rather limited – the equivalent of small talk. Most companies will translate content into a handful of languages and have faith that their content stands up well wherever it is used – if it worked well in one country, then it will probably work well in similar countries.

However, while global audiences may understand a translated ad, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it will move or engage them. In a fiercely competitive world, where customers have options and engaging customers emotionally is critical, such an approach makes achieving success in your global campaigns that much harder – like trying to push a boulder uphill and then wondering why it’s such hard work.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to adapt powerful global campaigns to engage and connect with customers emotionally wherever they are in the world using proper planning, in-depth knowledge, and cultural sensitivity.

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