Learning across borders

A survey of localization practices in corporate training and development

We partnered with Training Industry to survey more than 300 learning and development (L&D) professionals about their attitudes to, and adoption of, localization practices for training content.
The results of our research – which puts the localization of training content under a spotlight for the first time – are collated in our report. We show that localization plays a crucial role in creating engaging and effective training content that resonates with learners.
Dive in to discover:
  • How L&D professionals around the world approach localization
  • The impact localization has on their course completion rates and other training objectives
  • The challenges they face when localizing learning content
  • Some pointers for successfully localizing your own training content
  • And more
Download the report to find out how your approach to localizing L&D content compares to those adopted by other corporates.
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