Blackbird is a low-code no-code iPaaS platform designed to orchestrate workflows, integrate systems, and enable AI for the L10N industry. 

Blackbird offers tight integrations with Trados and Language Weaver, and can connect these key RWS applications to over 100 other systems, including enterprise content management systems (e.g., Contentful, Contentstack, Hubspot, Gitlab, Marketo, Salesforce, SharePoint, Shopify, Sitecore, Storyblock, Zendesk or Wordpress), productivity tools (e.g. Airtable, Asana, Clickup, Jira, Notion, Trello) or AI/ML tools (e.g., AI21 Labs, Amazon Bedrock, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Textract, Anthropic, Cohere AI, Hugging Face, Google Vertex AI, Meta Llama, Modelfront, OpenAI, Pangeanic, Pinecone, Stability AI, TAUS, etc.). See full catalogue here.

Blackbird facilitates data and terminology operability by allowing crucial assets like term bases, glossaries, and various data points to be decoupled from their parent applications, making them interchangeable. See all use cases here.