Bynder B.V. in numbers

  • 86% of clients reported that Bynder improved collaboration within their marketing organization 
  • 85% reported Bynder helped make their digital asset permissions and copyrights more secure 
  • Teams can find digital assets 49% faster with Bynder 
  • 81% reported improved overall asset flow, from creation to distribution

RWS products and industries

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  • Industry Solutions

Trados Enterprise

Translate content quickly and securely, without sacrificing quality, with the only end-to-end intelligent translation management solution (TMS).

Trados Studio

Translate faster, smarter, and ensure quality with the market-leading Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool for businesses and translators.

Trados Live Team

Manage projects faster and more effectively in the cloud with our next-generation translation project management solution for teams.

Trados Live Essential

Works seamlessly with Trados Studio 2021 to provide individuals with the flexibility to move between online and offline working.

Trados GroupShare

Streamline workloads, reduce manual tasks and centralize your translation assets with our server solution which can be installed on-premises.


Ensure consistent and high-quality content from source through to translation with our highly flexible terminology management solution.


Easily translate elements of a graphical user interface (GUI) such as dialog boxes, menus and display texts. Translate, share and collaborate on all your software localization projects.

Trados Business Manager

Fast and easy business accounting solution to help you manage your translation function.

RWS Secure Translation Supply Chain

Secure, enterprise-class, vendor-agnostic translation platform for regulated industries.

RWS Multilingual eDiscovery Solution

Multilingual electronic discovery (eDiscovery) software. Analyze data around litigation, investigations, government requests and more.


Get the best in class translation management system for regulatory compliance. Centralize and automate your translation workflows in a highly secure environment with our modular translation management system.


Adopt a flexible, on-premise enterprise-class translation management system that automates translation tasks and greatly reduces the cost of supporting large volumes of local language content.


Unite the way you create, translate, manage and activate intelligent enterprise content with our intelligent content platform.

Contenta Publishing Suite 

Trusted technical publishing suite for the global aerospace and defense industry to successfully develop and publish S1000D technical material.

Tridion Docs  

Easily create, manage and publish DITA-based content to multiple channels in any language with RWS’s end-to-end intelligent component content management system (CCMS).


XPP (XML Professional Publisher). The automated XML publishing engine for  High-speed, high-volume print, digital and pdf delivery of complex documents and publications at high quality.

Tridion Sites 

A powerful Web Content Management solution to create, translate and deliver content across all channels, touchpoints and markets.

Accessibility Solution 

Easily remediate websites, traditional media and more. Maintain compliance with global regulatory accessibility standards. Get your compliance assessment.

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Multilingual Translation in Energy Sector

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