Congree UCC is the platform for the efficient creation of unique corporate content in companies of all industries and sizes. Congree UCC helps writers create great, consistent and compelling content. The linguistic intelligence platform provides writing guidance and feedback according to company’s unique style, branding and terminology guidelines. 

In addition to the Congree Language Check and the Congree Terminology Check to check for style, grammar and terminology during the content creation process, the Congree Authoring Memory alerts to opportunities to reuse existing content instead of creating new, similar content.  

Congree seamlessly integrates into the editing environments of RWS Tridion, by plug-in integrations into the editing environments of Tridion. Congree UCC also combines the linguistic intelligence of Congree with external resources such as generative AI to ensure holistic content creation. 

This consolidation of the best solutions from both worlds allows, for example, content to be verified according to predefined company-specific rules and, while doing so, adjustments to be made on the basis of quality-assured proposals using generative AI.