DRUID (www.druidai.com) is a company that develops smart virtual assistants for Enterprise-type organizations. Due to the preconfigured conversational templates and proprietary NLU technology, DRUID allows any company to design and launch extremely smart virtual assistants engaged in specific conversations across roles, processes, industries. 

By integrating Language Weaver with DRUID virtual assistants, companies will be able to conduct chatbot conversations in different languages with employees, customers, partners and suppliers. The solution offers a real-time “interpreter mode” function, which can translate conversations along with “live chat” which can translate into multiple languages in real-time. This supports the need for customers to easily translate entire conversations as well as enable scenarios where an agent – human or virtual – needs to communicate across multiple languages simultaneously.

Read more: https://www.sdl.com/about/news-media/press/2020/sdl-partners-with-druid.html