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  • 25%+ YOY organic growth
  • 80+ consultants with a university degree

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Trados Enterprise

Translate content quickly and securely, without sacrificing quality, with the only end-to-end intelligent translation management solution (TMS).

Trados Studio

Translate faster, smarter, and ensure quality with the market-leading Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool for businesses and translators.

Trados Team

Manage projects faster and more effectively in the cloud with our next-generation translation project management solution for teams.

Trados GroupShare

Streamline workloads, reduce manual tasks and centralize your translation assets with our server solution which can be installed on-premises.

Trados Terminology

Upload, store and manage your terminology in the cloud, with the ability to share access to termbases with colleagues and those outside of your organization securely.


Ensure consistent and high-quality content from source through to translation with our highly flexible terminology management solution.


Easily translate elements of a graphical user interface (GUI) such as dialog boxes, menus and display texts. Translate, share and collaborate on all your software localization projects.

Additional solutions

We have a range of additional solutions which address the specific and diverse needs of our customers.


Unite the way you create, translate, manage and activate intelligent enterprise content with our intelligent content platform.

Tridion Docs  

Easily create, manage and publish DITA-based content to multiple channels in any language with RWS’s end-to-end intelligent component content management system (CCMS).

Tridion Sites 

A powerful Web Content Management solution to create, translate and deliver content across all channels, touchpoints and markets.

Contenta Publishing Suite 

Trusted technical publishing suite for the global aerospace and defense industry to successfully develop and publish S1000D technical material.


XPP (XML Professional Publisher). The automated XML publishing engine for  High-speed, high-volume print, digital and pdf delivery of complex documents and publications at high quality.

Accessibility Solution 

Easily remediate websites, traditional media and more. Maintain compliance with global regulatory accessibility standards. Get your compliance assessment.

Life Sciences

Gain greater process efficiency, reduce translation costs, and speed up go-to-market with our specialized language, COA and content solutions across life sciences, medical research, and contract research organizations (CROs).


We can help you solve multilingual content challenges across all legal practices so you can keep pace with a rapidly expanding translation workload, whether you are managing e-discovery data, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) fillings, IP documents, contracts and agreements, marketing materials and more.

Government Solutions

Meet government requirements for multilingual content with our professional language and content management solutions for public sector, intelligence, defense and law enforcement agencies.

Financial Services

Our content and language solutions support the specific needs of financial service organizations so you can create the best possible relationships with your customers in any language, globally.

Managed Care

Confidently communicate across both language and ability barriers. Our solutions and expertise help you meet your translation and compliance needs year-round, not just during Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

Aerospace and Defense

Meet the rigorous demands of both commercial aircraft and defense equipment, and enhance the productivity and efficiency throughout the product lifecycle—including post-delivery sustainment—with our publishing suite for S1000D.

Industrial Manufacturing

Our comprehensive language and content solutions can help you meet the needs of the entire value chain by adopting mature agile software practices, while lowering costs and increasing efficiency.

High-Tech Software

Respond to market demands and increased product velocity with our specialized language and content solutions for enterprise software and hardware, IT services, social media, games, online applications, multimedia, productivity applications, cloud computing, and mobile devices.

Retail and eCommerce

RWS language services and technologies set retailers up for global success with eCommerce localization strategies that cater to the needs of your target audience.

Travel, Leisure and Hospitality

Our end-to-end multilingual content solutions for suppliers, distributors, and retailers alike, will help you create, translate, and deliver large databases of inventory content, while lowering costs, maintaining consumer satisfaction, and complying with consumer data protection regulations.


Manage your multilingual marketing, product, and service content across all digital channels, for prospects, customers, the connected vehicle, and a globally distributed aftersales organization.

Chemical Globalization Services

Our chemical industry clients trust us to provide translation, interpreting and IP services through highly specialized linguists and technical experts with industry expertise and awareness of international standards and regulations.

Multilingual Translation in Energy Sector

Businesses in the energy industry are faced with accelerating global demand and new players in increasingly competitive markets. Global IP support and effective, consistent multilingual communication are key.

Insurance Translation Services

Our subject-matter expertise guarantees that information yields results. We use only specialist translators and interpreters, many of whom are former practitioners, brokers, underwriters, risk managers and members of the Chartered Institute of Insurance.

Media Localization Services

At RWS, our comprehensive approach to global content, localization and technology helps you stay relevant in the digital world.

Telecom Localization Services

Today’s highly competitive telecom landscape is pushing companies to expand not just the scale and scope of their offerings, but also their global reach.

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