Expert.AI (formerly Expert System) is a global leader in artificial intelligence applied to text. Expert.AI helps businesses and government organizations take full advantage of the growing internal and external information they manage. Our software enables your organization to:

• Automate business processes by performing repetitive tasks that traditionally require human intervention

• Make better, more informed decisions by improving knowledge discovery

• Transform customer engagement through interactions in natural language

With Expert.AI, we bring automation and understanding to some of your most information-intensive processes so that your teams can focus on more value added, creative and innovative activities.

Expert.AI’s AI-based Natural Language Understanding platform is used to automate knowledge-intensive processes, and is integrated into its search and discovery tool, which can be used to gain insight from documents, emails, reports and presentations. The integration with Language Weaver will build on this to produce a powerful end-to-end multilingual content understanding platform with knowledge discovery features. Language Weaver brings state-of-the-art neural machine translation capabilities to business functions through Language Weaver Edge and Language Weaver Cloud.

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