Founded in 1996, Hansung ILS Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in integrated logistics support (ILS). We are a market leader and the largest ILS company in South Korea. We develop all manner of ILS solutions from RAM analysis to the 11 elements of ILS, technical manuals, computer based training (CBT) aids, and test equipment.We have close cooperative relationships with the Defense Acquisition Program Administration and the Agency for Defense Development and have developed comprehensive logistics support components for a number of military, naval and air weapons systems. In particular, we are the sole contractor for domestic research and development projects. In addition, we are also actively engaged in introducing foreign weapons systems to South Korea and exporting South Korean weapons systems overseas.Having introduced RWS's S1000D solution, Contenta, to South Korea, we are now developing S1000D-compliant electronic and booklet-type technical manuals for the Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) Light Armed Helicopter (LAH) and Korean Fighter experimental (KF-X) fighter projects for export purposes. Based on these, we expect to take the lead in South Korea’s S1000D technical manual development business.The head office of Hansung ILS Co., Ltd. is located in Changwon, the center of South Korea's defense industry, and we look forward to collaborating with many companies in South Korea and abroad.ILS Element DevelopmentLogistics Support AnalysisRAM&SRAM&DILS Element DevelopmentEducational Materials DevelopmentStandardization/CatalogingSolutionsInteractive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM)3D MockupsSpecial Tools and Test EquipmentRepair-Purpose Test Equipment DevelopmentSpecial ToolsTranslation/English AuthoringTechnical MaterialsTechnical Manuals