SAIL LABS is a leading provider of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) systems, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), media monitoring and analysis. SAIL LABS offers a wide range of innovative and highly effective business solutions which dramatically reduce costs, and provide services that are not feasible with traditional technology. SAIL LABS' Media Mining System is a comprehensive end-to-end platform for OSINT analysts and decision-makers that is able to extract information from multilingual unstructured multimedia data sources, analyze and turn them into actionable intelligence. Continual innovation at the leading edge of research drives SAIL LABS' vision of creating technologies that enable advanced analytical capabilities. SAILS LABS is a member of several renowned scientific and industry associations in the field of language technology and regularly participates in numerous research and commercial projects worldwide. 


The integration of Neural Machine Translation plays a decisive role in the system, allowing users to understand and analyze multilingual content in a number of languages.

Thanks to Language Weaver Edge, the secure on-premise software designed for large-scale data processing scenarios, all documents – multimedia, audio or textual sources – are translated as they are being processed by the respective components. The components connect to the Language Weaver Edge software and obtain translations with a minimal time-delay, producing a continuous sequence of text and translations with high-quality output. This integrated process of enrichment and translation provides immediate access to the information contained in foreign languages.

Currently, the SAIL LABS system is translating content in more than 32 languages with the help of RWS. All of the neural translation engines can be adapted by the customer with its own data, in order to achieve the highest possible translation quality for specific domains and use cases.

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