The QA Company is a leader in the area of Question Answering for enterprise wide information retrieval. QA's flagship product, QAnswer, is the first AI driven platform that allows querying over Knowledge Graphs (KGs), Documents and Text in natural language.

In this digital data-driven era, extracting relevant information from within organizations or teams can be time-consuming and labour-intensive. QAnswer is designed to address this challenge by providing a simple and efficient way for customers to ask questions and retrieve information in real-time. With its comprehensive question answering solution, users can query over both KGs and documents simultaneously, yielding valuable insights from their data. It has a wider use case in pharmaceuticals, research articles, legal instructions, employee contracts, customer support and many more. QAnswer allows organisations to save time, streamline workflows, and access critical knowledge with ease.

The joint collaboration between The QA Company and RWS creates a powerful synergy, resulting in highly valuable solutions driving future businesses. This partnership empowers clients with efficient information retrieval, precise translations and exceptional customer support, ensuring a seamless experience for their users. By integrating The QA Company's question answering platform with RWS's language translation and localisation services, customers gain enhanced language support, enabling access to information in multiple languages. Additionally, it expands the knowledge base, incorporating RWS's expertise in translating various content types. This ensures more accurate and relevant answers to user queries. This collaboration significantly simplifies intellectual property processes, such as patent searches, filing and management. Overall, customers benefit from enhanced solutions that effectively address their information retrieval, language support and intellectual property-related needs.