Since 1983, WAND has developed curated taxonomies to improve the way customers search and organize unstructured and semi-structured information. WAND is the premier source for industry vertical taxonomies, business taxonomies and speciality domain-specific taxonomies. The breadth and coverage of WAND’s taxonomy library is unmatched, and for years, WAND Taxonomies have been used by thousands of companies around the world to organize information. Applications where WAND Taxonomies are being deployed include enterprise CMS, enterprise search, behavioural targeting, big data, text analytics, business intelligence, semantic technologies, local search, artificial intelligence, knowledge graphs and sentiment analytics. 

The combination of WAND Taxonomies and RWS’s semantic artificial intelligence offering dramatically reduces the time it takes to get a successful process up and running. This eliminates the barriers of creating a taxonomy from scratch, which previously caused significant delays to enterprise-wide content management projects. 

RWS clients are constantly looking for ways to improve information discovery and streamline content management. Combining WAND’s industry and domain-specific taxonomies with Tridion’s semantic AI capabilities reduces the time to create the necessary taxonomies that are such a key part of the solution.