Business content management

Corporations are under growing pressure to adopt digital transformation and to be more agile, flexible and scalable. 

Implement the right content management infrastructure for your business-critical information to stay competitive, compliant, and efficient.

SDL - Business Content Management

Are you ready for the future of work?

Leading corporations are preparing for a fully AI-enabled infrastructure and automating as many manual tasks as possible to allow their workforce to concentrate on value adding activities. 

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the need to accommodate productive remote employees. Get a complimentary assessment of your user experience, content findability and accuracy, and regulatory compliance and we’ll help you shift to distributed workforce.

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Adopt the best business information infrastructure, at scale

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Improved productivity.
Cost efficiency.
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Optimized experience.
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Streamlined governance.
Regulatory compliance.


SDL - Business Content Management

Knowledge portals and repositories

Manage policies, procedures, guidelines and other high-value information across teams, channels and countries. 

Support your employees and partners wherever they are with high-quality information from a single source of truth and raise productivity by solving problems of content fragmentation and liabilities due to poor information.

SDL - Business Content Management

Technical information management and publication

Deliver accurate product information, after-sales and self‐service content to customers, field service and support teams. Scale as the number of products, languages, variations and markets grow. 

Create, translate and publish high-quality multilingual documentation in any channel in any format.

SDL - Business Content Management

End-to-end secured translation infrastructure

Leverage secure and expert translation management services and technology that fully integrate with our content management solution delivering the most sensitive information across languages. 

From public sector, intelligence and law enforcement, clinical research, or other highly sensitive industries you can rely on our state-of-the-art technology to manage your strategic information through the translation process.

Why RWS?

Content managed at component level

Easily reuse, share, filter and deliver multilingual content to any channel with our structured content foundation. 

Now you can avoid inconsistencies that would otherwise impact your brand, and reduce content development costs by up to 50%.

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Seamless integration with existing enterprise ecosystems

Seamlessly integrate with any other content management systems (Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM), or Web Content Management System (WCMS), for a smooth roll out and implementation.

Proven track record with leading corporations

90 of the top 100 brands across retail banking, insurance, auditing, clinical research, to medical device companies and more count on us to help them meet strategic KPIs, with on-time delivery, productivity gains and cost reduction, as well as improve customer and employee experience.

Scalability across the globe

Achieve scalability with our fully optimized and transparent solution model, with centralized operations from a global perspective. 

Rely on a solution that can keep pace with your changing needs, as well as increasing volumes that is scalable, adaptable and secure.

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