Content security and compliance

Faced with escalating risks from security threats, privacy laws and industry regulation, businesses must modernize their operations to reduce exposure, increase efficiency and improve agility. 

Benefit from our complete range of content security and compliance solutions to reduce the impact of external challenges.

SDL - Content Security & Compliance

How can you manage the risk?

Security breaches are a persistent threat, with increasing sophistication enhancing the risk of reputational damage and loss of customer trust. Simultaneously, the burden of regulation is exposing firms to additional risk of non-compliance, resulting in financial penalties and further loss of status. 

Mitigate these risks with content solutions that help solve this complexity, scale as your needs grow and accelerate your global ambitions.

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Create a “business-as-usual” framework for security and compliance

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Fully secure solutions.
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Streamlined translation processes.
Reduce costs by up to 40-50%.
Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) processes.
Regulatory compliance.

Areas of expertise

Risk mitigation through the avoidance of free translation tools

We reduce the possibility of data leakage or security being compromised by employees allowing sensitive commercial or personal data to inadvertently leave the organization.

Experienced in providing secure solutions for customers in multiple industries

Our customers include banks, asset managers, auditors, insurers, life sciences and law firms as well as a host of government, intelligence and defense agencies worldwide.

For the unique requirements of government intelligence and defense agencies, we can run applications off-grid for maximum security from external threats.

Control over content creation, management and translation

Enable a single version of truth for policies, procedures and guidelines. Allow for easy edits across documents, wherever they exist, while streamlining complex language workflows with a secure translation supply chain. For government, and multilingual capability to intelligence collection and analysis.

Secure, integrated workflows

Maximize existing content technology investments while modernizing processes with connected applications and services. 

Streamline content and language workflows no matter which platform you have invested in—Adobe, Sitecore, Aprimo, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP or Salesforce—we can integrate seamlessly with them all.


Our customer streamlined complex regulated content creation, maximized content reuse and enabled better control over translation quality, reducing costs by 50% and achieving greater consistency.
Partner, major global audit firm
Our customer secured their translation workflow, reduced exposure to regulatory fines and reduced costs by 40%.
Major global bank

Our technology/services

Secure machine translation

Adopt secure, on-premise translation that can scale—supporting over 120 language pairs as well as multiple file formats—and avoid the use of free translation tools or other insecure translation platforms that risk external data leakage.

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Secure translation management systems

Apply secure, on-premise translation workflow management to ensure no movement of content outside of the organization. Allow internal users, as well as staff from third-party agencies, to collaborate with confidence using a single interface for all translation jobs, guaranteeing data security.

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Expert translation services

You can rely on the high-quality translation of critical content with our subject matter experts. Our in-house, security-certified translators, including placement of staff on-site if required, ensure control over the translation process and the assurance of security for confidential content.

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Connectors to existing platforms

Integrate content, translated using Language Weaver or managed within a RWS Language Cloud Translation Management System workflow, with existing platforms. For example, you can connect to an eDiscovery platform where internal content search and investigation can be undertaken.