Global content intelligence

Organizations are collecting, storing and processing information assets they are failing to use for other purposes. At the same time, the demand from the global content intelligence market for personalized customer engagement, consumer-grade instant translation and security is increasing for both public and private organizations alike. 

Uncover new opportunities in dark data with our language technology so you can fully leverage this data to make better decisions.

RWS - Content Intelligence

Is your data dark?

Data-driven decisions require the ability to integrate a global viewpoint. Dark data—data that is untapped during analysis—may hold the key to business success. IDC estimates that 90% of data is dark, with data captured in multiple languages an important part of that equation. 

Apply language technologies, such as machine translation to help shine a light on data kept in the dark due to language.

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Guide to Evaluating Machine Translation Software 

Assessing MT against your investigative requirements. 

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Leverage content from multiple languages automatically for insight.

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Speed and scale
Conversation language
130+ language pairs
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Supports multiple content types
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Secure to the core
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Customizable and integrable

Achieve global insight and intelligence faster

Reduce time to insight

Automatically break language barriers to achieve a global perspective. 

Apply neural machine translation to minimize the time spent standardizing multi-lingual text data needed for analysis.

Easy integration

Easily achieve an integrated solution with automatic translation without compromising security, quality, or speed. 

Create custom translation workflows or augment existing ones with award-winning technology.


Text data can hold personal information, company secrets, and more. 

Protect the data during the translation process with a system built to enterprise-scale security standards.


Extend language support, adapt language models, and take advantage of services to get the most out of your technology investment. 

Customize the experience for your users within the product with the help of domain technology experts.

Speech to text Broadcast monitoring and open-source intelligence (OSINT) content platforms Semantic text analytics software

Content has shifted from text to audio and video and the ability to capture text data form those sources is key. With the right content intelligence tools, text data can be combined with structured data, be stored in a variety of data warehouses and lakes, and become more accessible for analysis to a wider set of analytical tools. 

Work with our trusted partners to achieve quality speech to text in real-time, near-time and in batch.

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Good content intelligence needs the right kind of data. Some data is not easily available and needs tools to capture it and make it part of the analysis. 

Work with our partners in the OSINT space to help you collect data from open sources such as websites, TV, radio, and social media. This is a rich data source that contains the wisdom of the crowds and for many types of projects is a critical capability. Semantic text analytics software

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Once data has been collected and transformed, analytics and reporting help to make insight real and actionable. 

Work with our semantic text analytics software partners to extend the value of your content analysis with additional analytics and the ability to create and share insights.

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Why use our tech?

Seamless enterprise fit

Easily set up business intelligence, surveillance or cybersecurity with your enterprise systems. 

We can help you build a secure, scalable enterprise foundation with Linguistic AI™ and neural machine translation that augments systems of insight and intelligence.

Broad language support

Take advantage of 130+ out-of-the-box language pairs to standardize to whatever language you use for analysis. 

Augment your language model using your own data, chain language pairs together to create new ones, or work with our experts to create new language possibilities.

Multiple types of content

Address various types of content easily. We offer native support for documents and text, social media, Optical character recognition (OCR) for images and integration with auto service requests (ASR) to handle audio. 

Leverage the API to extend to support chat bots, virtual assistants and more.

Secure to the core

Analytics often deals with highly sensitive subject matter. Our solution protects content throughout the entire workflow and never exposes or uses customer content without explicit understanding between all parties. 

Rely on enterprise-grade security that regulated industries, governments, and partners trust.

Human-in-the-loop or full automation

Benefit from a solution that complements a variety of workflows. 

Confidently leverage full automation augmented by artificial intelligence content creation or implement a variety of human-in-the-loop variations leveraging your own resources or RWS language professionals.