Multilingual corporate communications

Solve your communication challenges with our technology and services so you can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your content supply chain and execute on a modern content strategy.

Remove those barriers to effective corporate communication and increase volumes across all relevant languages.

SDL - Solution for multilingual corporate communications

Are language barriers limiting your reach?

Analyst firm Gartner, finds that corporate communication leaders need to reach new audiences, protect their brands, and engage employees with limited resources. Only 8% of corporate communication leaders say they have the right skill set to meet modern global communication challenges and only 9% feel they have the tools to shape internal culture. 

Let us help you remove the language barriers standing in the way.

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Efficient, effective global communication across borders and channels

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Global reach

Global reach.
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Satisfy content needs.

Reduce costs and increase value.

Deliver better global communication across languages quicker

Communication consistency

Achieve one global content strategy across communication channels protecting brand identity and maintaining a single voice externally and internally. 

A coordinated content supply chain will achieve efficiencies and cost savings. Linguistic AI provides content insights and neural machine translation provides quality at speed.

Global employee engagement

Communicate with all employees in their own language to provide a more inclusive environment and minimize misunderstanding. 

Demonstrate commitment to diversity without introducing communication delays and additional costs from manual translation.

Reduce risky self-service

Without a fully secure system, global employees lack a safe way to collaborate across languages. This can lead to the use of unsecure portals. 

When working with corporate policy, HR directives and financials you cannot expose your business to the risk of leaks. RWS protects your content at every touchpoint.

Smart automation and human optimization

Support real-time, near real-time and top-down global communications with a single system. 

Benefit from a proven translation eco-system that can be machine-only, machine-led and human optimized, or delivered by domain and language experts.

An audit of internal communication at a major European bank showed employees using unsecure internet portals for ad-hoc translation. This meant that words and phrases that describe internal policies were exposed to the Internet. We were able to close the security gap with machine tanslation and implement a secure translation hub that enables global communication and collaboration among globally distributed departments (HR, R&D, Email, Legal, Training).

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Why RWS is the right solution

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Coordinated content process

Streamline workflows, increase productivity, and deliver better content globally faster and more efficiently with our content management and content localization solutions. 

Benefit from next-generation content management and structured content for a centralized, disciplined approach to knowledge sharing and content re-use.

Coordinated content process
Broad language support
Any content, any channel
Secure to the core
Blends technology with expertise