RWS Multilingual eDiscovery Solution

Get instant, and secure translation of foreign language case-related content—in any format—so you can handle cross-border legal disputes quickly. 

Translate everything from emails, documents, presentations, databases, voicemails, audio and video files, social media and websites with our secure software and services directly from leading eDiscovery platform, Relativity®, and quickly analyze all content relevant to your case no matter the language.

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Key benefits

Power up Your Multilingual eDiscovery.
Secure multilingual content management
Securely translate documents.
Support for a full range of legal documents.
Content magnifying glass
Simplify content discovery.
Translate perimeter
Gain control over translations.
Medal Translate
Benefit from high-quality linguistic services.

Key features


Generate non-English keywords to improve the classification and relevant data extraction of non-English documents. Improving the accuracy of automated translations in later stages is easy—We add translations of all keywords and phrases to our MT engine for secure, fast, and high-quality translations.


Technical know-how is not required—all your multilingual eDiscovery efforts are done in Relativity’s® user-friendly environment. 

All assets in the source language and target language can be found, including handy summarization, to facilitate and improve time to review while reducing cost.


Use our MT engines to easily discover documents. Only those deemed relevant to your case will go through a full, professional translation. Our expert translators can then provide the certification or notification of your translated documents. 

Save significant costs with this non-linear approach to the large scale reviews of litigation documentation.

eDiscovery service offerings 

Discover highly secure, efficient and flexible translation. 

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