Mapping your end-to-end content journey and why it matters

Almost every sizeable organization, wherever they are and whatever they do, is increasingly dependent on their ability in the digital world to develop, manage and distribute content to their employees, partners, customers and prospects. 

In this recorded webinar we describe the key steps to mapping a content ecosystem and the flows within it — from origination through translation and localization, to quality management, compliance checking and ultimately to delivery to the target audience. 

A guest speaker from Malvern Panalytical, a world class provider of instruments and technologies for materials analysis, provided a user perspective of how a Content Supply Chain audit and inventory has delivered real and actionable insight, by: 

  • Identifying inefficiencies in content processes and flows 
  • Highlighting opportunities to improve cohesion and connectivity throughout the entire content journey 
  • Learning from real-life examples of global organizations who are adapting their content flows to communicate quickly, reliably and cost-effectively
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