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Wali Naderi 27 Oct 2022 7 mins
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Earlier today we announced two new cloud-based Editions of Tridion Sites, namely Tridion Sites Essential and Tridion Sites Team, in addition to the existing Tridion Sites Enterprise Edition. This means that Tridion Sites, the preferred web content management system (WCMS) for many of the world’s largest companies such as Adidas, Turkish Airlines, Kone, Kaiser Permanente, and ACI Worldwide, is now accessible to fast-growing small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), “tailor-made” to suit their needs. Each Edition is equipped with a different set of features and functionalities, including integration with RWS’s world-leading multilingual capabilities.
These new Editions have been developed in close collaboration with RWS partner EXLRT, a specialist in offering fully managed services for Tridion. As a result, Tridion customers will benefit from quick and easy implementation and prompt post-implementation support and service. However, customers can also opt to choose from other RWS partners to source and support their Tridion Sites Edition.

New versions bring flexibility and longevity

RWS has been cognizant of the fact that all sizes of businesses do not need all the Tridion Sites functionalities from the outset and should have the ability to grow their WCMS footprint as their business evolves.
  • The Essential Edition has all the essential functionalities and features that an organization needs in the earlier days of developing its digital presence. We see many companies starting with for instance a solution like WordPress, but as they evolve their digital presence, the WCMS no longer suits their needs, and they need to re-platform.
  • The Team Edition builds on the Essential edition, extending it with sophisticated localization capabilities through integration with RWS language technology and machine translation, so that ‘going global’ becomes easy. Localization of web pages becomes an integral part of editorial workflows, rather than a clumsy ‘bolt-on’ with manual copy and paste.
  • The Enterprise version has all the features and functions that a large global business would require.
With these three Editions, the best value for today’s SMBs is that they can start with Tridion and continue to grow and evolve their digital presence as and when needed on the same platform. There is no need to change WCMS, saving a significant amount of time, training effort, and implementation hassle. It is one WCMS through their entire digital journey.

Distinct and compelling benefits that address your most pressing challenges

In today’s fiercely competitive digital age, businesses can ill afford website downtime or inefficient functioning. Continuity offered by these Tridion Sites versions prevents downtime and delivers top-quality and consistent website functioning across all devices. Consider this:
“About 45% of the large companies claim that an hour of unexpected website downtime leads to a loss of $1 million (for some it can even go up to $5 million!), excluding the legal fines and other penalties.” 

“CISQ research from 2018 estimated that poor web quality was costing organizations $2.8 trillion in the US alone.”
The three Editions of Tridion Sites were put together to address such issues and deliver:
With easy upgrades from Essential to Team to Enterprise version, there is no need to migrate to a new WCMS when the business grows. Tridion Sites caters to all the needs of businesses throughout their journeys.
Multilingual content management
Tridion Sites offers a mix of automation and manual translation processes that ensures top-notch quality and quick turnaround time.
Content delivery
Tridion Sites offers a modern, open and micro-services architecture that delivers a high level of security and flexibility to deliver content across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments. It is also equipped with future-proof GraphQL-based content delivery.
Tridion Sites supports and easily integrates with DAM, CRM, ERP, marketing automation, commerce, PIM, portal technology, analytics, social media platforms and other systems.
Flexible deployment
Each component of Tridion’s architecture can be easily scaled in the background to suit your business requirements, without burdening you with the technical hassle of making that happen.
Semantic / intelligent search (only with Enterprise Edition)
Tridion Sites’ semantic AI capability delivers search results and recommendations beyond simple text matching. It understands the purpose and context of the search, e.g., if there are pages that don’t have the exact text but have the synonyms of the word or a relevant context, then results and recommendations capture those.

More about the three Tridion Sites Editions

All three Tridion Sites Editions come with powerful content management features:
Tridion Sites Essential
Tailored for businesses that want to embark on a professional WCMS that will stay throughout their journey as they grow and excel. It has all the mature Tridion capabilities in a fully managed environment at a compelling price point. Managing and maintaining websites is a breeze; as a result, content editors can be 100% focused on boosting sales!
Tridion Sites Team
Team Edition includes all the features of Essential topped with RWS’s world-leading Language Technology and Machine Translation integration to streamline the localization of multilingual web content.
Tridion Sites Enterprise 
Enterprise has all the features and functionalities of Tridion Sites including those that are typically required only by large enterprises such as an unlimited number of users, Experience Optimization module, semantic AI, specific certifications, and test & acceptance environments. 

Start your journey with us now or visit the Tridion Sites Editions page to further explore and compare the three versions of Tridion Sites.

Wali Naderi

Wali Naderi

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Wali Naderi has 20 years' experience in the IT industry with some well-known IT organizations in various positions (Product Management, Product Marketing, and Sr. Alliance Management). He joined RWS in late 2020 as a Senior Product Marketing Manager, focusing on the partner community.
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