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Foundation Suite for S1000D

The Foundation Suite from RWS makes the process of beginning a new S1000D project within existing business management systems easy. The Foundation Suite and our expert services team guides you through the project’s start-up tasks, including pre-requisite components, for each project.

The Foundation Suite for S1000D is a technology and service package to augment management systems for business consisting of the following on-site activities:

  • S1000D specification training provided by an industry expert
  • Project analysis to identify key business rule decision points
  • Business rule definition and capture using our BREX Builder tool
  • Building project foundational components using our Foundation Suite tool including:
    • Standard Numbering System (SNS) selection and refinement
    • Initial Data Modules ready for loading into the CSDB
    • Create and manage applicability data modules
    • Create and manage a CAGE code list
    • Information Sets 
    • Information Code Variants 
    • Define Publications
    • Integration with business rules management systems

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Our expert service package deliverables include:

  • S1000D Specification training 
  • Project kick-off meeting, meeting notes, on-site analysis time and culminating presentation 
  • Business rule documentation in HTML format suitable for hosting on a web site
  • All S1000D Data Modules with completed ID and Status sections
  • Completed Applicability Data Modules ready to be used for content filtering at publishing and IETP viewing time

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