Introducing LiveContent Version 6.0

Your future technology platform for innovative, secure and scalable interactive electronic technical publications (IETPs)!
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LiveContent Version 6.0 platform enhancements

New foundation for innovation

  • Services-based architecture 
  • Open, extensible platform for integration into existing environments and digital workflows 
  • Support for multiple collections within one version 
  • New user interface (UI) for administration of publication data 
  • Scalable and responsive 
  • Rapid innovation platform
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Natural upgrade path

  • Backward-compatible API enabling faster, easier upgrades 
  • UI continuity including customization capabilities 
  • Feature/function compatibility with current platform 
  • Offline and online capability, including mobile 
  • Support for Windows and Linux
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  • Enhanced data security 
  • Fewer application installations with multi-collection support 
  • Architected to comply with stringent government security requirements
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Interactive electronic technical publication – LiveContent S1000D IETP

Key features of LiveContent, interactive electronic technical publishing

  • Incremental electronic publishing updates
  • Integrated forms and reporting
  • Device-independent delivery
  • CGM hotspot and linking support
  • Open API for diagnostics integration to aircraft, ship or other complex systems
  • Conditional viewing of content
  • Robust web interface for non-linear, intelligent navigation
  • Offline/disconnected or online environments
  • 3D linking and views
  • Multimedia support
  • Distribution Manager (optional)
  • Feedback Manager (optional)

More capabilities

Access to accurate information

LiveContent provides technicians in the field with accurate information in an interactive viewer so they can quickly access the content they need, as part of the Contenta Publishing Suite. Its interactive electronic technical publication (IETP) capabilities deliver virtually live content – giving users the latest content in the format they want, when they need it most.

Online and offline environments

Adapt to user requirements, including mobile delivery, by providing interactive functionality in disconnected offline environments or as an online, web-based application in networked environments.

Rich media

Offer a rich support experience to field technicians with dynamic graphics, animations and simulations, so that even inexperienced technicians can tackle expert tasks fast.

Process data module support

Efficiently reduce mean time to repair/mean time to recovery (MTTR) and extend mean time between failures (MTBF). Enable technicians to easily troubleshoot using systematic process data modules that guide them through the whole process to shorten repair time of equipment and machinery.

Optional modules in v. 6.0

Distribution Manager (optional with v. 6.1) Feedback Manager (optional with v. 6.2)

Distribution services will establish and maintain collections of IETPs along with cataloging information associated with their management and tracking. 

These services will streamline the distribution of IETPs and the IETP update process and will automatically synchronize online delivery servers for horizontal scaling. 

Establish and manage associations for online and stand-alone deliverables and get real-time status updates.

Capture all user-generated content and feedback at point of use across all IETP users/systems. 

LiveContent Feedback Manager will aggregate that content into a central location for further administration. 

Form data, annotations and comments collected across IETP deployments can all be leveraged upstream, for example as part of an integrated feedback process leveraging ASD S5000F.

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