Interactive Electronic Technical Publication

Manage content with Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals and Publications (IETM / IETP) with LiveContent S1000D.
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Interactive electronic technical publication — LiveContent S1000D IETP

Key features of LiveContent, interactive electronic technical publishing

  • Incremental electronic publishing updates
  • Integrated forms and reporting
  • Device-independent delivery
  • CGM hotspot and linking support
  • Open API for diagnostics integration to aircraft, ship or other complex systems
  • Conditional viewing of content
  • Robust web interface for non-linear, intelligent navigation
  • Offline/disconnected or online environments
  • 3D linking and views
  • Multimedia support

More capabilities

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Access to accurate information

LiveContent S1000D provides technicians in the field with accurate information in an interactive viewer so they can quickly access the content they need, as part of the Contenta Publishing Suite. Its Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) capabilities deliver virtually live content — giving users the latest content in the format they want, when they need it most.
Access to accurate information
Online and offline environments
Rich media
Process data module support

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