RWS in Asset Management

RWS has a dedicated team of experts that understand your content types, your compliance challenges and your process and budget limitations. We are committed to collaborating on each of these areas with you, to support the publishing process wherever you operate and to optimise the volume of content that you are able to translate. 

We achieve this with virtually all of the top asset management firms globally, providing technology-enabled translation services that drive efficiencies at scale, secure your most sensitive content and help you to connect with your audiences worldwide.

The content challenge in asset management

Your fund content helps to differentiate your products in an increasingly competitive market – but publishing materials in the asset and wealth management sectors is a compliance balancing act between content that is fixed and mandatory and that which can be created to genuinely set you apart from other providers.

Challenged by an ever-expanding volume of content, asset managers and wealth management advisors need to be selective about the content that they translate as well as how to most effectively manage, reuse and distribute that content.

Solutions for asset and wealth managers

Compliant global content translation Secure, scalable language technology Content management and reuse

Compliant global content translation

We specialise in the translation and localisation of fund materials, shareholder communications, and website content, helping you to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance in any language and any global market. 

Our translation expertise spans the entire range of global regulatory frameworks, including fund product directives (UCITS, PRIIPs and AIFMD), ESG and sustainability disclosures (EU SFDR including PAI and PCD disclosures, CSRD, ESRS and CSDDD materials as well as global ESG frameworks, including guidelines from international standards bodies) and emerging trends like cryptocurrency and digital assets. 

We cover all content types including prospectuses, KIDs/KIIDs, annual reports, shareholder notices, commentaries and factsheets. 

Our asset management clients trust us to deliver high quality, accurate translations according to their timeframes, using our extensive pool of subject matter experts skilled in the terminology of your industry. 

As well as our experience in developing global asset and wealth management materials, we provide translation services to support accessibility content, transcreation for marketing messages and desktop publishing (DTP) services to maintain design integrity. We also deliver human and automated interpreting and transcription for events and meetings and for video and audio assets as well as multilingual eLearning expertise to bring flexible training to your entire workforce. 

Finally, as the rapid growth of AI opens up new opportunities for asset managers and wealth management advisors, we support client innovation by training and optimising AI models to ensure they are trustworthy and bias-free. This includes data collection, data annotation and data validation services for Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI (GenAI) projects that cover all media types, delivered in any language, at any scale.

Secure, scalable language technology

Our expert-in-the-loop translation services are underpinned by an industry-leading suite of secure, AI-powered language platforms for machine translation (MT), translation management (TMS) and computer-aided translation (CAT). 

All of our language technologies provide control for you to implement on your own IT infrastructure or in a secure cloud-based environment. We also provide a wide range of connectors to enable integration with your established marketing, data and content platforms. 

We work with you to develop a blend of human and automated translation processes tailored to your precise requirements. Your customised solution is designed to optimise your translation workflows and maximise the volume of content, number of languages and speed demanded by your business.

Content management and reuse

Our content authoring and management technology enables your regulated materials to be structured in a way that maximises reuse, supports information governance and streamlines content creation and approval. By creating once and using multiple times, you can accelerate speed-to-market and use your content as a tool for competitiveness. 

Adopting a component-based approach to content management simplifies the process for populating the types of template-based documents that are common in the asset and wealth management arena. Specifically, our platform reduces the complexity of creating prospectuses, factsheets, annual reports, KIDs/KIIDs and other regulated materials by enabling collaborative authoring and approval of content for a single version of each content component, allowing it to be made available for use across the entire enterprise if required. 

In addition, our technology takes an AI-driven approach to content analysis, tagging content automatically to allow authors to classify it easily. This improves search and findability and helps both colleagues and customers to gain access to relevant content more quickly. 

We also integrate our content technology with our language technology to streamline the translation process.

Why asset and wealth managers choose RWS

  • Expert in translation of regulated asset and wealth management content 
  • Working with asset managers worldwide via our network of international offices
  • Trusted by virtually all of the top global asset management firms 
  • Aligned with the specific needs of departments across asset managers and wealth management advisors including marketing, client services, product development, regulatory reporting and legal and compliance 
  • Knowledge of content workflows to all major fund publishers including direct connectivity with leading data and reporting platforms 
  • 24/7 coverage to support fast turnaround times 
  • Expert at blending human skills with technology excellence for maximum efficiency 
  • Security-assured language solutions to protect your most sensitive content and client data
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