RWS in Investment Banking

RWS is expert in translating capital markets content and we are committed to delivering language services that safeguard your growth ambitions and support your profitability. Our language specialists understand the terminology, compliance needs and commercial drivers of your business and are trained to translate complex documentation efficiently and to the highest standards in quality. We also leverage our own AI-powered language technology to optimise translation processes and deliver maximum ROI on your projects. 

We work with all of the leading investment banks across the world, supporting their global operations in key transactional areas, particularly large scale merger and acquisition (M&A) deals and share issuances and initial public offerings (IPOs) in all regions. Our combined human and technology translation solutions, coupled with our network of offices worldwide, makes us the complete global language partner for your capital markets projects wherever they are delivered.

The content challenge in investment banking

Your operations span a vast range of cross-border activities and your competitiveness is dependent upon your ability to respond quicky to market conditions. The sheer variety of content involved in supporting this is almost overwhelming but its translation should not be. 

Likewise, it is critical that the sensitivity and confidentiality of your content is protected to defend your competitiveness. Complete trust in your service providers is an imperative and you rightly demand peace of mind in both the humans and technologies that undertake your translation projects. 

Solutions for investment banks

Confidential global content translation Secure, scalable language technology Comprehensive supporting services

Confidential global content translation

We specialise in the translation and localisation of capital markets content for complex cross-border transactions, helping you to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance in any language and any global market. 

Our investment banking clients trust us to deliver high quality, accurate translations according to their timeframes, using our extensive pool of subject matter experts skilled in the terminology of your industry. We tailor our service to your precise needs, making our language specialists available to you at the times you need, as well as placing them with you in-house for added peace-of-mind if required.

Secure, scalable language technology

Our expert-in-the-loop translation services are underpinned by an industry-leading suite of secure, AI-powered language platforms for machine translation (MT), translation management (TMS) and computer-aided translation (CAT). 

All of our language technologies provide control for you to implement on your own IT infrastructure or in a secure cloud-based environment. We also provide a wide range of connectors to enable integration with your established marketing, data and content platforms. 

For instance, we are able to integrate our machine translation platform with secure collaboration environments, deal rooms and virtual datarooms (VDRs) to enable rapid, scalable translation of disclosures during sensitive due diligence procedures. 

We work with you to develop a blend of human and automated translation processes tailored to your precise requirements. Your customised solution is designed to optimise your translation workflows and maximise the volume of content, number of languages and speed demanded by your business.

Comprehensive supporting services

As well as our experience in supporting global investment banking materials, we provide translation services to support accessibility content, transcreation for marketing messages and desktop publishing (DTP) services to maintain design integrity. We also deliver human and automated interpreting and transcription for events and meetings and for video and audio assets as well as multilingual eLearning expertise to bring flexible training to your entire workforce. 

In addition, as the rapid growth of AI opens up new opportunities for investment banks, we support client innovation by training and optimising AI models to ensure they are trustworthy and bias-free. This includes data collection, data annotation and data validation services for Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI (GenAI) projects that cover all media types, delivered in any language, at any scale.

Why investment banks choose RWS

  • Expert in the translation of confidential capital markets content 
  • Working with investment banks worldwide via our network of international offices 
  • Trusted by 9 of the top 10 top global investment banks 
  • 24/7 coverage to support fast turnaround times 
  • Expert at blending human skills with technology excellence for maximum efficiency 
  • Security-assured language solutions to protect your most sensitive content and client data
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