The Carbon Almanac take their message to the world’s children

Unlocking understanding of the climate crisis for the next generation, wherever they are, whatever language they speak
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The Carbon Almanac is a collaboration by hundreds of writers, researchers, thinkers and illustrators to provide a fully referenced source of authoritative information on the impact of CO2 and other greenhouse gases on the climate. 

In addition to the best-selling book The Carbon Almanac, published by Penguin, a children’s version has been produced – Generation Carbon. This free eBook contains a wealth of facts and information about climate change and has tips on how children can make a difference, presented using diagrams, cartoons and illustrations, in an easy-to-understand format. 

As a Foundational partner of the Carbon Almanac, RWS has translated the book into multiple languages as part of its commitment to tackling the climate crisis.

Download Generation Carbon for free

“We’re extremely grateful to the team at RWS for providing their outstanding language services. The earlier we’re able to educate people about their impact on the world and climate change, the more chance we have of fighting it. RWS’s linguistic expertise has enabled us to bring our insights to a younger audience on a scale that has a real chance of making an impact.”

Seth Godin, Founder, The Carbon Almanac


  • Reaching, educating and inspiring the next generation who will have to deal with the consequences of climate change wherever they are in the world



Available in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish (Latin American), with Farsi, Indonesian, Russian, Thai and Vietnamese in progress