Lifeplus reaps the rewards of working with one language service provider

Lifeplus produces consistent, high-quality translations and cuts admin costs with our translation services
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Health and well-being company Lifeplus has business associates in over 50 countries, supplying content in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Japanese. As the company grew, its use of multiple translation agencies and freelancers created challenges with quality, consistency and time to market. 

Lifeplus needed greater control over its spiralling administration time and translation costs. After lengthy consideration, it chose us as the sole provider of its localization services.


“RWS focuses very much on the quality of the language … I cannot underestimate the value that this quality of work brought to our practices.”

Faye Elmore, Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Lifeplus


  • Simplify processes and control admin and translation costs 
  • Maintain the brand’s specific tone of voice in local markets
  • Produce consistent translations to support the global marketing strategy



  • Significant time and cost savings 
  • Full recording and understanding of costs per country thanks to translation project dashboards 
  • Consistent and high-quality translations