NETGEAR achieves global growth with localization services and technology

Our services and technologies help NETGEAR’s localization team of three deliver more with the same people.
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Industry:: High-Tech Software
Company region: Worldwide

Multinational computer networking company NETGEAR delivers network solutions around the world. Over the years its localization team of three has taken on an ever-growing portfolio of content, reaching up to 7 million words a year to be translated into 10-25 languages per job. Without changes to the way they work, the team couldn’t keep pace. 

NETGEAR wanted to explore how our language and content technologies could help them manage more content with the same resources.


“For us it’s important to work with an LSP that is also a business partner – and one that can help us evolve our use of technology to support business growth. RWS is exactly that.”

Maggie Chen, Director – Localization Programme Management, NETGEAR


  • Evolve from a disconnected, manual process to an automated workflow 
  • Make localization more efficient 
  • Balance centralized brand control with localized content creation



  • Ability to scale localization with existing headcount 
  • 62% time saving for localization team 
  • Up to 77% cost saving by leveraging translation memory 
  • Ability to deliver a consistent global brand experience with freedom for localized content creation 
  • Instant translations for online live chat function