Localization solutions for corporate customers on ServiceNow

As a Technology and Services Partner of ServiceNow, we provide a range of language services and technologies that enable corporations using the ServiceNow platform to localize their IT and HR content from within the ServiceNow platform.

Access the right solution for all your translation needs

ServiceNow users can now take advantage of quick and easy access to a full range of translation and localization services  all from within their familiar ServiceNow environment – through our two connectors. 

Language Weaver

Language Weaver

The world's most powerful, comprehensive and adaptable machine translation platform, Language Weaver, has the power to translate at both scale and speed. A secure, enterprise-class machine translation solution, it’s suitable for a wide variety of translation tasks and requirements. 

See how Coca-Cola EP uses Language Weaver to support their business worldwide. 

Language Weaver is available now from the ServiceNow Store. A simple subscription will have you up and running in minutes and effectively provide you with an instant translation and publication facility.

Language Services

For a more personalized approach, the RWS TMS Spoke provides a direct connection to our global translation and localization platform, giving access to the world’s leading network of translators and a wealth of linguistic expertise. Available through the ServiceNow localization framework, it’s quick and simple to use and allows users to send content directly to their translation project management team.
Language Services
Both connectors are easily accessible directly from the ServiceNow environment.
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