Make your training right for everyone, everywhere

When it comes to translating global training content, what’s right for one learner in one location is unlikely to work for another somewhere else.

We do localization differently

Because one size doesn’t fit all, we tailor the learning experience around your learners, their preferred formats and styles, and their cultural settings, to ensure the content is right for everyone, everywhere, every time.
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Right for all your learners
In any language, for any market
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Based on world-class technology and consultancy
Designed for accessibility and engagement
Delivered with efficiency and assurance

We shape our services to your needs

We work with corporate training teams in three different ways. We’ll help you find the one that’s right for you.
Localization Concurrent authoring Hybrid

We’ll localize your existing eLearning content into additional languages, making sure it delivers the best possible experience for all your learners. 

This may be the right approach if your learning content is complete, and your target languages don’t require a high level of linguistic and cultural adaptation.

We’ll work closely with you, from the earliest stage, to identify your training needs and objectives. 

Then, our in-market designers and linguists will create learning content for all your audiences, simultaneously – so you can meet your objectives in the most efficient way. 

This approach allows for a high level of linguistic and cultural adaptation, and results in higher engagement and completion rates. It’s ideal if you need to localize very specialized or high-value content, or are translating into highly nuanced languages.

For your business, the right approach might be a combination of localization and concurrent authoring. If that’s the case, we’ll help you find perfect blend.
We partnered with Training Industry to survey more than 300 learning and development professionals about their localization practices. Discover the results in our report.
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Why work with RWS?

With us, it’s all about you

By tailoring your learning experiences to your learners’ needs, we help you drive engagement and participation, and unlock better learner outcomes.
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We care about your success

We understand how important training and development is to your business and its employees. And we believe that every one of them, wherever they are, should have an equal opportunity to learn.
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We’re a trusted partner

Our heritage in eLearning localization is unrivalled. Our expert consultants are able to analyze your learning challenges, identify objectives and design the perfect solution, employing the best training tools and methodologies.
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We empower you to use any platform

We work with all major eLearning tools, as well as maintaining our own cutting-edge authoring platform. We’ll evaluate your training needs and help you select the best methods and tools for your goals.
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We take care of everything

We can manage all aspects of your localization projects, including instructional and graphic design, multimedia development, and linguistic and functionality testing. We’ll give you a single point of contact, so it’s easy to stay in control.
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We’re local – all over the globe

Wherever you are, we’re in your time zone. We support operations and initiatives worldwide with our global network of local specialists - from instructional designers and translators to testers and voice talent.
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Don't just take our word for it!

Lauren Wojtaszek
Lauren Wojtaszek, Instructional Design Manager at Linde AMT (Advanced Material Technologies)

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