RWS eLearning offers localization and training content creation

We help corporate training teams achieve successful learning outcomes by unifying course development and localization activities. Our integrated solutions offer a variety of customized options that will boost learner participation and retention. 

A single source for your global training requirements gives you control of the end-to-end process, allowing you to build a comprehensive learning strategy that considers the needs of all your learners – whether at home or abroad.

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Key benefits

Enhance how you educate your global workforce
Speech conversation

Learning consultation

Instructional and graphic design
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Multimedia and eLearning development

Linguistic and functional course testing

Project management support

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Find out more about the different approaches we offer to help you meet your eLearning needs
  • Localization

  • Concurrent authoring

  • Hybrid

Our teams possess the experience and knowledge to create eLearning courses that will appeal to a diverse, multicultural audience. 

Early involvement by our expert consultants and consideration of localization at project initiation offer the best results when it comes to tools, workflows and meeting learning objectives.

Creation of personalized training that speaks to a specific market. 

Learning objectives are respected while allowing designers and linguists to meet those objectives in a way that speaks directly to the end learners in each locale. 

This approach is useful when a high-level of cultural and linguistic accuracy is required, for example, adherence to accessibility compliance, for highly nuanced content or markets with special requirements.

We know one-size-fits-all doesn’t work for everyone. This hybrid solution blends the best of the localization and concurrent authoring approaches to offer the flexibility today’s organizations need. 

Hybrid works best for training departments who can localize some or most of their eLearning content but need to use the concurrent authoring approach for specialized content or certain languages or markets.

Why work with RWS?

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Multiple approaches

We're a one-stop-shop for eLearning localization, offering multiple approaches, ranging from traditional localization to simultaneous content development in all target languages.
Multiple approaches
Learning consultation
Global and multilingual
Fully integrated

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