Retail and Ecommerce

Our global content and localization services

  • Translation—We translate web, marketing, multimedia and user-generated content into hundreds of languages. Learn more.
  • Transcreation—Beyond translation, we adapt written and multimedia marketing collateral to elicit the same emotional impact in every market. Learn more.
  • Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—We optimize your online presence to make sure you rank high in local-market search results with a combination of on-page and off-page SEO methods. Learn more.
  • Global social media management—We empower you to build your community by using the right social media channels, creating engaging social content and monitoring how your users behave. We do sentiment analysis so you can understand how your target markets think and feel about your brand. Learn more.

Our technology services

  • Ecommerce platform development—We develop custom, platform-based ecommerce solutions for B2C and B2B businesses.
  • Omni-channel commerce—We look at the full spectrum of channels and develop a plan with you to deploy an integrated solution that works seamlessly across multiple platforms.
  • Personalized customer experiences—We enable unified views of complete online retail processes with your customers and develop engaging personal retail experiences.
  • Product discovery—Our comprehensive search solution built on Solr enables auto-suggestion, type-ahead and relevant search results.
  • Gamification and customer engagement—We evaluate opportunities, explore models and increase brand loyalty by leveraging gamification into your applications.
  • Portals—We set up portals with accessible information on products, promotions and customers to help retailers improve collaboration and increase productivity.
  • Recommendation engines—We help you create consumer engagement and improve customer servicing by anticipating user actions and building memorable experiences that keep your customers returning.

Why RWS?


Our global team combines the latest technology and proven processes to deliver unrivalled accuracy, consistency and cost savings at scale and at speed.

RWS ISO 9001 and other industry-recognized quality frameworks

We use ISO 9001 and industry-recognized quality frameworks to drive our linguistic quality programs for the retail and ecommerce industry.

RWS proprietary IP tools

We are trusted by Fortune 500 household-name brands and each of the ‘Fab 5’ Tech companies.

If you are ready to engage worldwide buyers in the right channels at the right time with the right content, we can help.

We are RWS. We provide comprehensive language and technology solutions that bring you closer to your customers—wherever they are.

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