If you want to deliver products and content on a global scale, you need an integrated approach to globalization—one that drives business outcomes and seamlessly complements the capabilities you already have in place. We can bring our experience and expertise to the entire journey, helping lay the groundwork for your success in current and new markets.
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Our global consulting services

Localization strategy consulting

Your global strategy must be underpinned by local understanding. We put the right people, processes and technology in place, supporting you in areas such as localization process design and optimization, language strategy, localization program strategy and quality management programs.

Content strategy consulting

As part of helping you optimize your content for localization, we recommend editorial and technological solutions to your content challenges, such as training your writers to create source content that makes your localization efforts as efficient as possible.

Quality consulting

Our quality team and solution architects consult on key activities such as electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessment (eCOA) strategy, centralized procedures, quality improvement, machine translation and quality automations and processes.

Technology consulting

Our technology experts can help you find, assess, implement and manage the right CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools, content management systems (CMS), translation management systems (TMS) and machine translation (MT) solutions for your unique globalization needs. We can also support user training.

We are RWS

We are RWS, world-renowned global business consultants. Our teams of dedicated solution architects and experienced consultants can provide you with the best practices, solid processes, technology infrastructure and workflow management you need to optimize your localization efforts. Whatever the expertise you need to go global, our cross-functional team can deliver.

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