Solution Architecture

Looking for a straight-forward solution when deploying, upgrading, or reassessing your technology? Our pre-packaged options get you up and running quickly while ensuring business continuity. Our pre-defined service packages cover a wide range of requirements such as the implementation of an entry level system (Stand and Go), a roadmap for upgrading to the latest technology, deploying to the cloud, a health check for your current environment and more. These packages are based on best practices and provide a clear scope, deliverables and pricing.

Design & Deliver

Qualify and realize business initiatives from inception to deployment. Our Design & Deliver package deep dives into new business requirements to establish scope, analyze risks, identify Return on Investment (ROI), provide a final design and deliver customized solutions.
SDL Professional Services
SDL Professional Services

Stand & Go

Get up and running with your RWS technology with minimal effort, cost and time. Our Stand & Go package provides you with an entry level system to explore core capabilities. This immediate product usage maximizes the efficiency and accuracy of gathering and defining business requirements for the final solution.

Upgrade roadmap

Our Upgrade Roadmap package is designed to give you detailed descriptions of required steps and effort to upgrade your RWS technology to the latest release alongside recommendations based on your specific implementation.
SDL Professional Services
SDL Professional Services

Health Check

Assess whether your environment is configured optimally and that you are using all product capabilities to the fullest extent. Our Health Check package provides in-depth analysis of the configuration and performance of your RWS technology along with recommendations for hardware, configuration and operation improvements.